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Guided by integrity, we put people first in all we do. We aspire to improve the health and well-being of others in how we do business and through our solutions.

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Executive portrait of Solventum's CEO.
At Solventum, integrity, ethical business practices and patient safety are core to our DNA and culture. We will compete to win as an organization. But we will do it the right way and patient safety will always come before company profits.

Bryan Hanson

Chief Executive Officer

Our code of conduct

We work by the simple principles of honesty and fairness

The Solventum Code of Conduct guides us in how we conduct our business. The code and our policies help us act with integrity, promote the health and well-being of others, and protect the environment and communities where we operate. 

Use your best judgment to make the right decisions every day

When the path forward is unclear, we ask ourselves: Is the action requested of me the fair and right thing to do for everyone involved? Integrity is at the heart of who we are as individuals and as a company, and only by exercising sound judgment at every opportunity can we achieve our objective of improved health and well-being for all.

Speak up if you have concerns

We ask employees and all those who interact with Solventum to report concerns promptly. Reports are handled discreetly and those who raise concerns are protected from retaliation. Speaking up helps Solventum do the right thing and act with integrity. 

Respect one another and protect the communities where we operate

We encourage mutual respect and collaboration that improves the health and well-being of others.

Act with honesty and integrity

We promote ethical, transparent behavior to cultivate trust with our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. 

Follow the law and Solventum’s code of conduct

We do the right thing and expect everyone we work with to do the same.

Working with business partners

Solventum conducts business with companies that share our commitment to trustworthy, inclusive relationships

Close collaboration with trusted partners is vital to our pursuit of meaningful advancements that solve customer challenges. We strive to build seamless and strong connections that ensure our solutions swiftly and reliably reach those who need them.

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Report a concern or ask a question

At Solventum, we encourage all employees and people who interact with Solventum to report suspected misconduct or ask a compliance question and speak up. It is the right thing to do. Those who report a concern can be confident that they will not be subject to retaliation.

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