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You inspire us with your tireless devotion to the well-being of others. That's why we never stop solving for you.

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Who we are

A new healthcare company with a rich history

With more than 70 years of delivering healthcare innovations, we continue to move the industry forward by helping to solve our customers’ biggest challenges. 

Health science

The world needs you at your best, so we help solve to save you time and help your patients get and stay healthy.

Material science 

Our products are designed to help your innovations go from idea to full-scale production efficiently. 

Data science 

From your first patient interaction to post-care analysis, we provide you with clinically based measures and data management for optimal efficiency. 


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"As the need for solutions that enhance health care delivery and improve patient outcomes increases, we have the right technologies, global capabilities and leading expertise to meet those needs while also shaping the future of health for individuals around the world. We are committed to enabling better, smarter, and safer healthcare to improve lives."

Bryan Hanson
Chief Executive Officer

Our values

We believe empathy is the cornerstone of improving care

So we listen closely to our customers and the people whose lives they impact for the insights that help us improve well-being around the world.

Put people first

We value our team members first and foremost and then extend this empathy and respect to the world around us. This creates positive change for our stakeholders, and most importantly, the people and patients our innovations help every day.

Win with excellence

We set high standards for ourselves and work hard to exceed them. By bringing quality, reliability and integrity to the way we work, we ensure patient safety and compliance while achieving exceptional results for the people we serve.

Solve what matters

Fueled by bold ambition and unique capabilities, we push ourselves to think in different ways, to learn and listen closely to what our customers need most. With this clear focus we create innovative solutions that shape the future of health.

Advance together

We act swiftly and skillfully as one team, collaborating across the organization to anticipate and create solutions that meet our customers' most important needs.

Live with heart

We believe in changing the world for the better. Driven by a desire to make an impact on the countless lives, we look for opportunities to bring our kindness, talent and expertise to serve our communities and those in need.

Our impact

Driven by our dedication to improved outcomes for all we serve, we break through by making unprecedented connections that impact lives

Global footprint


countries where we operate

In more than 300 offices and facilities around the world, we work closely with customers and partners to create positive healthcare outcomes that transcend borders. To realize our shared vision, we harness diverse talents and perspectives from every background to not only address our customers' most urgent priorities but anticipate the needs of the future.

Our achievements are rarely the product of a single location or discipline, but rather the collective intelligence and curiosity of a globally interconnected team — dedicated to tackling the healthcare challenges that affect everyone, everywhere.

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Our workforce


employees worldwide

Solventum relies on the courage and the boundless insights of professionals worldwide to achieve exceptional results for our customers and those who rely on them. Healthcare that leads with heart and humility starts with listening and never finishes, only evolves. As long as healthcare challenges remain unsolved, we will be here, united by empathy and a relentless belief that countless lives are improved through our work.

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Sustainability & social impact

80 - 90%

of an individual’s health outcome is driven by social determinants of health (SDoH), or the environmental and social factors affecting our lives

We recognize that climate and human health inequalities impact communities around the globe and commit to building a healthier and more sustainable future for all. Through our people, products and technologies, and partnerships, we will work to improve patient outcomes and access to healthcare, address healthcare disparities and focus our innovation to make the world a better place.

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Our innovation

Innovation starts by listening closely to the needs of stakeholders and pushing boundaries to overcome their biggest challenges

Serving others in unique and valuable ways requires collaboration between the brightest minds in the industry to create unexpected solutions that solve healthcare challenges. At Solventum, innovation is much more than a new solution. It’s human potential at its most powerful. 

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About our brand

What is the meaning of the name “Solventum”?

Solventum originates from two words: “solving” and “momentum.”

“Solving” captures our dedication to finding breakthrough solutions. We will listen closely to healthcare professionals and never stop solving for them — and the many lives they enhance around the world. “Momentum” symbolizes swifter, nimbler innovation.

As we build on every achievement, large and small, our momentum propels us past barriers, towards breakthroughs.

What is the meaning behind the Solventum logo?

The logo takes inspiration from our drive to never stop solving and transforms the “S” from the name into an expressive symbol of limitlessness. It conveys the responsive, imaginative and caring approach we will take in solving for patients and healthcare professionals.

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