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Inclusive relationships and trust with partners and suppliers worldwide are essential for us to deliver high-quality solutions

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Supplier responsibility code


Includes more specific requirements and controls for the elimination of forced labor, and more details on appropriate working hours and time off.

Health & safety

Includes specific requirements for emergency exits, fire protection and worker housing (when provided).


Includes expectations on reducing environmental impacts and protecting air, water and land resources.


This section declares positions on anti-bribery, conflicts of interest, protection of intellectual property and related business conduct issues.

Management systems

This section requires strong policies and systems to control the aspects in the previous sections and propagate the requirements up the supply chain.

Expectations for prospective suppliers

Demonstrate your commitment to a reliable, high-quality supply relationship

We’re always interested in collaborating with innovative companies that can help us drive greater value for our customers. As a Solventum supplier, you would be expected to meet key requirements outlined below.


Demonstrating our supplier criteria enables you to collaborate with us on advancements that improve product performance and drive customer advantage.

Resources for current suppliers

Access resources for existing suppliers like invoicing, financing, reporting and more

We are dedicated to building and maintaining partnerships with our suppliers that help us sustain the highest level of reliability, quality and value. As a trusted supplier, please review these resources and reach out with questions or needs below.

Our policies
Purchase order/scheduling agreement terms and conditions

See terms and conditions incorporated into purchase orders and Scheduling Agreements for goods or services issued by Solventum.

U.S. Government contract flow downs

The U.S. Government contract clauses found on this site apply to Solventum Orders, Contracts or Agreements with suppliers and subcontractors if, and only if, Solventum Orders, Contracts or Agreements incorporate them by reference. More than one set of clauses may be incorporated into Solventum Orders, Contracts or Agreements.

Transparency in supply chains and modern slavery disclosures

Review our supplier expectations for information-sharing and eradicating slavery and human trafficking from our business and supply chains.

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Learn about our guideline for non-employee travel reimbursement.

Partner Portal

Partner Portal is Solventum’s self-service system with the information you need to do your job.

Supplier Portal

Gainfront is Solventum’s SRM tool used to exchange information and identify opportunities with current and prospective suppliers.


Automate your transactions, maintain compliance and enhance your partnership experience.

3M Citrix applications

Gain access to Cypress, USS, MIRS, COMS, CERT and IMES systems here.

ERP training

Learn about the wide variety of processes and systems used by our suppliers.

Western Union Business Solutions/GlobalPay

Find out more about transacting electronically with us — a requirement for all Solventum suppliers — through our partner Western Union.

Shipping & Transportation

Find carrier routings and shipping instructions. 

Request additional access

Contact us to request access to other resources not provided here. 

Healthcare supplier communications
Instructions for reaching out
Become a Solventum supplier

Interested in doing business with Solventum? Access our Supplier Portal to introduce your company to us, including classifications as diverse and small business.