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We are committed to building a healthier and more sustainable future for all

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Our priorities


We are prioritizing sustainability in our operations, supply chain and solutions, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water use and waste.
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Building a healthier, more sustainable future in our manufacturing plants

We’re using bold thinking and pioneering innovation to advance sustainability around the world. Here’s how that comes to life in China and Germany.

Sustainable solutions

We aspire to advance the circular economy and champion healthcare sustainability through our solutions, technologies, and collaborative partnerships. 
Creating efficient packaging for a healthier environment

Solventum has made a long-standing commitment to efficient paper and packaging use. Learn how by focusing on our commitment to sustainable product packaging we were able to reduce waste by 30% in our 3M™ Tegaderm™ medical dressing packaging.

Helping dentists generate less waste

We use empathy, insights and innovation to elevate health care everywhere. See how talking to dentists helped Solventum design a more sustainable solution. 

Solving for the circular economy

Our Health Care Service Center supports the second principle of a circular economy by keeping Solventum health care products in working order, instead of in landfills.

Responding to a rise in outpatient care

Just as providers listen to patients to help chart a path forward, we listen to the healthcare community to design technologies that can help change lives for the better. As the sector changes, so do we.

Access to care

80 - 90%

of an individual’s health outcome is driven by social drivers of health, or the environmental and social factors affecting our lives.

We leverage the expertise of our employees to collaborate with strategic partners to advance access to care and address social drivers of health. We align to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG 3, “Good health and well-being.” Our focus is advocacy, education and training, partnerships and collaboration. 

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Reducing antimicrobial resistance

Every time we undergo a medical procedure, we risk infection. Harmful bacteria can resist the drugs designed to kill them, leaving us vulnerable. The World Health Organization identifies antimicrobial resistance as a top ten global health issue. 

Advancing access to dental care

A global pandemic underscored the reality of health inequities around the globe. Now, communities, companies and individuals ask: What can we do to help? 


We aim to foster positive change and leave a legacy in our communities. 

We give back to the places we live and work by utilizing the world-class expertise of our people, and through our donations. We provide financial grants to community-based and non-profit partners. Our aim is always to help build a healthier and more sustainable future. 

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We empower employees to share their expertise and volunteer in communities where we operate.


Details about our ESG governance are contained in our Form 10 which details the establishment and execution of strategy, activities, risks and opportunities.

Solventum’s Board of Directors will provide general oversight of Solventum’s overall ESG strategies, goals and results.

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