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Solve your biggest technical challenges with help from us across manufacturing, medical device and commercial foodservice landscapes


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Your challenges are unique and specific. We’re here to help you solve them.

We offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions and expert consultation for a vast range of industries. Whether you’re in biopharmaceuticals, foodservice, beverage manufacturing, medical wearables, device development or microelectronics, our commitment is the same. We innovate to meet your operational needs and help you find the fastest path to success.

Who we serve

We’ve spent decades solving the problems specific to your industry

Biopharma engineers, electronics R&D, water specialists, device developers — we never stop solving for you.

We’ll help you navigate your complex, highly regulated environment with reliable solutions that meet stringent demands unique to your space. Where precision meets innovation, we collaborate with you to help ensure quality, reliability and accelerated delivery of breakthroughs to your market.

Biopharmaceutical process engineer/scientist

As your manufacturing processes are challenged by demands for volume, customization, speed to market and scalability, we can help. Count on us to support bioprocessing with leading technologies in filtration, clarification and purification.

Medical device design engineer

Our team is your team. We're here to identify potential solutions that may be the right fit as you research, test and develop new medical devices.

Food & beverage process engineer

We support you with scalable solutions that help make the highest-quality output routine. Work with us to explore how advanced filtration, gas management and processing solutions can shape your production operations for success.

Industrial filtration device engineer

We offer a wide range of membrane types with morphologies designed for industrial, foodservice, beverage manufacturing and pharmaceutical applications — and play a key role in the preparation of process water and wastewater treatment.

Industrial water process engineer

Our portfolio of industrial water solutions helps you meet your regulatory requirements, gas control and filtration needs for sustainable water management throughout your operation.

Medical membranes

We understand how molecules of human origin pass through polymeric membrane materials to best serve patients. Count on us to help you find the right material for your application and support you throughout your entire development process.

Microelectronics process engineer

Take your microelectronics manufacturing to the next level with our reliable, scalable filtration and gas control solutions. Our portfolio helps meet advanced requirements for contaminant reduction for a quality finished product.

Restaurant owner or franchisee

Improve the customer experience and your bottom line. Get filtration solutions that provide cleaner, great-tasting water and assure product consistency from one location to the next — with the reliability you need to keep your business running.

Our filtration & engineering professionals products

A scientist wearing safety goggles, gloves and a lab coat working on an experiment in a lab.

Breakthrough efficiency and reliability

Accompanied by expert consultation, our portfolio provides comprehensive engineering and manufacturing solutions across a wide array of industries including biopharmaceuticals, foodservice, beverage manufacturing, medical wearables, device development and microelectronics. Each solution is meticulously designed to solve the unique challenges of your industry.


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School of Purification

Improve existing processes or implement new ones with insights from our School of Purification, featuring free interactive webinars available live or on demand.